Charles Multi-Purpose Housing 7500 Series Copper/Fiber Pedestal

CMPH fiber pededal, non-flame retardant, 10″ diameter copper & fiber backboard, CPLS copper splice bracket, BDO205-EB/OPT backboard, optifit SCA adapter type, two pre-connectorized adapters, no mounting stakes, 48” x 27” x 14.5”, 13,000 cubic inch splice volume. Price per each.

• Lift-off dome – Enables 360 degree access to internal workingareas.
• Dual 7/16” hex-head stainless steel locks – Provide security while allowing access via standard 216-tool or can wrench. Optional padlock hasp for added access control.
• “Bell Jar” flood protection – The enclosure’s dome keeps splices dry by creating an air pocket, as well as, eliminating intrusion of wind-blown rain and dust, and prevents unauthorized entry.
• Ample base size – The base provides ample room to bring in multiple cables and conduits for maximum user flexibility.
• Sturdy non-metallic construction – Offers superior dent resistance, corrosion protection, and electric shock safety.
• Repositionable bonding and grounding bar – Offers flexibility for user equipment installation.
• Vault mount option – Allows additional space for fiber cable or splice closure storage.
• Flame resistant option – Provides an additional level of protection against brush fires (GR-13 / RUS).
• Vented dome option – Allows weather-hardened active devices to be housed within the enclosure.


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